Smart Parcel Lockers

RovLocker, smart cargo vending machine, enables customers waiting for cargo to receive their cargo in the fastest and safest way 24/7, without having to be at their work/home addresses.

With its high quality materials, advanced security systems and Rovenma-unique lock technology, RovLocker can operate with high performance in all climatic conditions. It offers unique conveniences to all users thanks to its remote management system, ease of use and front maintenance feature.

RovLocker Smart Parcel Lockers are secure and smart systems where users can pick up and drop off their cargo 24/7. With its quality structure and ease of use, RovLocker is preferred not only for cargo and logistics companies, but also for end users for many reasons.

When Using RovLocker ;

Corporate perspective;

- Increase the disturibution volumes,
- Decrease all operational costs (OPEX),
- Decrease the environmental pollution,
- Can be a marketing tool to advertisers,
- Brand strengthening and value increase with
the high and secure technology.

Individual perspective;

- 24/7 Parcel delivery and returns accessibility,
- Elimination of Last-mile Delivery failure,
- Safe delivery with high technological solutions,
- Contact-free delivery

Modular Design

R6-71 Compartments

Rovlocker is suitable for all locations thanks to its modular design. It can enter building elevators and can be installed on different floors.

Depending on customers’ needs, new modules can be created with different sized chambers.

R6-74 Compartments

Thanks to its modular design, RovLocker is suitable for all locations. Depending on the need, new designs can be created with different modules and covers.

Create Your Own Locker

Ease of Frontal Maintenance

Internal modules of RovLocker modules can be pulled forward by means of rail systems. Thanks to this unique design, Rovlocker can be serviced from the front, shortening maintenance times and reducing costs.
There is no access from the back of the device, so it can serve throughout its life without being moved from the first day it was installed.

• Zero-to-wall installation
• Possibility to minimize maintenance costs

Unique Lock Technology

All electronics and mechanics developed by Rovenma, the locks are tamper resistant and safe. It has negative feed solenoid actuators, sensors and stylish indicator LEDs.

Rovlock electronic locks, aluminum alloy (zinc) key internal mechanics, provides a unique quality and safety in its class box.

Cargo Detection Sensor

Thanks to the cargo detection sensors in the compartments, it is understood that the compartments are empty/full and thus the system can be used more effectively. The sensors not only ensure efficient use of the compartments, but also bring extra security to the system.

Software Technology

RovLocker software (remote management, application, mobile and smart watch) can be easily integrated with existing software systems of cargo and logistics companies and can be adapted according to customer demands. Among its most important features;

• Linux-based operating system KindOS*
• Opportunity to work offline
• Bluetooth technology
• Remote monitoring system with advanced diagnostics
• High performance
• Cyber secure communication (CC - EAL4+)
• Customer Integrations
• Remote Management portal
• Courier, Customer and similar screens
• Mobile and smart watch applications
• User-friendly graphical interfaces

* KindOS is a Linux-based secure operating system developed by Rovenma.

How to Use Rovlocker ?