Smart Parcel Lockers

RovLocker, the smart parcel lockers, enables customers waiting for cargo to receive their cargo in the fastest and safest way 24/7, without having to be at their work/home addresses.

With its high quality materials, advanced security systems and Rovenma-specific lock technology, RovLocker can operate with high performance in all climatic conditions. It offers unique conveniences to all users thanks to its remote management system, mobile ease of use and front maintenance feature.

Screenless Rovlocker

Our new generation 3-module device stands out with its easy installation and maintenance feature. Thanks to this minimal design, maintenance times are shortened and costs are reduced.

It provides great advantages and convenience for both customers and service maintenance, thanks to its screen-less feature, bluetooth feature and barcode reading feature from the smart phone application. Thanks to this application, the desired modules and covers are easily accessed. In addition, electricity consumption costs are kept to a minimum.

• Easy setup
• Quick use
• Minimum operational cost

RovLocker Smart Parcel Lockers are secure and smart systems where users can pick up and drop off their cargo 24/7. With its quality structure and ease of use, RovLocker is preferred not only for cargo and logistics companies, but also for end users for many reasons.

When RovLocker is used;

Corporate Perspective;

- Increase disturibution capacity,
- Decrease operational costs,
- Branding with a secure and technological investment

End User Perspective ;

- Availability to receive parcel 24/7,
- Elimination of Last-mile Delivery failure
- Safe, flexible and hygienic
- Provides convenience for people with disabilities

Environmental perspective ;

• Carbon and greenhouse gas reduction,
• Adreste olmama sorunu ortadan kaldırır,
• Traffic jam reduction,
• Noise pollution reduction.

Modular Design

R6-71 Compartement

Rovlocker is suitable for all locations thanks to its modular design. It can enter building elevators and can be installed on different floors.

Depending on the customers’ requirement, new modules can be created with different sized chambers.

R6-74 Compartement

Thanks to its modular design, RovLocker is suitable for all locations. New designs can be created with different modules and covers, depending on the need.

Create Your Own Locker

Ease of Front Maintenance

RovLocker locks are embedded inside the compartments and can be reached by pulling the modules forward, as an advanced mechanic feature. Thanks to frontal maintenance, specific lock can be replaced while the rest of the locker still operates. Thanks to this unique technology of RovLocker, maintenance duration and costs are highly reduced.

• Zero wall installation
• Possibility to minimize maintenance costs

Lock Technology

With its unique aluminum alloy structure, negative feed solenoid actuators,  RovLocker locks are highly secure, reliable, and easy to use. All electronic and mechanics are designed developed by Rovenma.
Locks are directly embedded in the compartments so it makes it impossible to access by unauthorized people.

Environmental Sustainability

In the light of the information we obtained from the thesis study “Economic and ecological impact of automated parcel lockers vs home delivery” carried out by Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, it has been determined that a courier emits 134 g of CO2 in a cargo delivery according to the classical delivery methods, while only 2.56 g of CO2 is released in the delivery to a parcel lockers.

When the amount of carbon emissions and the liter price of the fuels causing these emissions are compared in dollar terms; In a single delivery, parcel lockers have been found to be 52 times more efficient in dollar terms compared to courier deliveries in terms of CO2 emissions.

Software Technology

RovLocker software (remote management, application, mobile and smart watch) can be easily integrated with existing software systems of cargo and logistics companies and can be adapted according to customer demands. Among its most important features;

• Linux-based operating system KindOS*
• Opportunity to work offline
• Bluetooth technology
• Remote monitoring system with advanced diagnostics
• High performance
• Cyber secure communication (CC - EAL4+)
• Customer Integrations
• Remote Management portal
• Courier, Customer and similar screens
• Mobile and smart watch applications
• User-friendly graphical interfaces

* KindOS is a Linux-based secure operating system developed by Rovenma.

How to use Rovlocker ?