The only way is to design, develop and produce such a unique product, is to have a devoted and happy staff.

Rovenma makes the biggest investment to its HR Department to be a successful technology company.

Corporate Values and Our Mission

Our mission is to develop world-class, user-friendly, distinctive products and technologies with our dynamic team with R&D, design and innovation capabilities. Achieving the right labor force in our projects and ensuring the continuity of the existing labor force is one of our main objectives.

Human Resources Practices

The corporate processes we carry out as Human Resources are “Selection and Placement, Career Management, Performance and Feedback Meetings, Wage and Benefits Management, Organizational and Personal Development, Training Activities, Social Activities and Organization”.


According to the staffing needs communicated to the HR department, the necessary criteria is determined and the candidate selection process begins.
In our recruitment process; The applications we receive through portals such as, Linkedin Recruiter and through the advertisements published in our official website are evaluated according to the criteria required for the positions.
Based on resumes that comply with our criteria; HR interviews and technical interviews are organized. If the interviews and evaluations are positive, the job offer stage is started. HR Department makes a verbal job offer to the candidate in accordance with our wage scale. Based on the candidate’s acceptance of the job offer; recruitment process is started with the Job Offer Letter.


As Rovenma, we have long-term (min. 3 months) internship programs for associate and undergraduate students and for high school students, the internship for throughout the academic year.
Internship applications are evaluated based on the company quotas created for internship periods, and the results are determined after interviews with students. Before the start of the internship period, students are informed about the results and process.

Performance Management

Our Performance Management System, which we have built over a transparent and frequent feedback system, in order to support our employees’ development by directing them to the right targets and at the same time enable them to monitor their own development. This process is carried out once a year with objective evaluations. In the light of all this; Our performance processes are supported by training, talent management, career planning, wage management and rewarding systems.

Career Management

With our career planning policy, the talent maps and competency level of our employees are defined. Based on the results; Internal rotations, performance evaluation, career and talent management consultancy, increasing employee experience and organizing training programs are being carried out.

Organizational Development

In accordance with the mission and vision of our company, we follow a corporate culture that is open to development and learning, where work and social life balance can be established and a funny work environment is ensured in order to increase the motivation of our employees. We support our development program with our internal and external trainings, in-company activities, flexible working hours, feedbacks, career planning programs and portals that provide effective internal communication.


To join the Rovenma family, you can review the postings in the “Open Positions” section at the end of this page and apply through Our Human Resources department will always assist you with your questions.

Open Positions