We are one of the few companies in the world that only produces parcel lockers which makes our Rovlocker unique and qualified.

Rovlocker is designed to provide the most effective solution to both end-users and e-commerce / logistics companies to have the perfect parcel delivery process.
Advanced Lock Technology designed and produced by Rovenma
Unique Mechanical Design with Frontal Maintenance
Resistant to All Weather Conditions Between -40 and +65 °C

Ease of Frontal Maintenance

Proper and Zero Distance Installation to the Wall
Access to Electronic Locks only by Frontal Maintenance
Minimize the Cost and Time of Maintenance Process
Rovlocker Frontal Maintenance

Modular Design

Possibility to Make Different Sequences with Standard Compartments
Advantages of Easy Installation and Transportation Thanks to Caster and Levelling Feet Structure
Opportunity to Carry by the Elevator Thanks to Its Ergonomic Design

Lock Technology

The most critical part in Parcel Locker Systems is the lock technology. Rovlocker’s unique electronic lock system is designed and produced by Rovenma’s multidisciplinary team. The Rovlocker has state-of-the-art negative-feed solenoid actuators, sensors and its mechanical design to be reliable and resistant to all tampering. Thanks to its unique structure, Rovenma Lock Technology is durable and safe. The electronic and mechanical parts are embedded in the chamber so as to make unauthorized access impossible to the locks.

Software Technology

Rovlocker software (remote management, application, mobile and smart watch) can be easily integrated with existing software systems of cargo and logistics companies and can be adapted according to customer demands. Among its most important features;
Linux-Based Operating System KindOS*
Opportunity to Work Offline
Bluetooth Technology
Remote Monitoring System with Advanced Diagnostics
High Performance
Cyber Secure Communication (CC – EAL4+)
Customer Integrations
Remote Management Portal
Courier, Customer and Similar Screens
Mobile and Smart Watch Applications
User-Friendly Graphical Interfaces
* KindOS is a Linux-based secure operating system developed by Rovenma.