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Your company's data loss is one of your main concerns as a cybersecurity expert, IT specialist, or administrator. Cyber attacks and extended outages are just a few of the threats facing our businesses.

With this short survey, you can check the safety of your network, data, and institution.

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Does your institution periodically check your current security vulnerabilities of the firewall applications you use to protect the ports on your computer against unwanted visitors?

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The router is the name given to devices that connect different devices or networks and direct network traffic. When was your router software last updated?

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Did you know that there may be software-related vulnerabilities in the routers you use? Do you periodically check the software vulnerabilities for the router model you are using on "www.exploit-db.com"?

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Is the encryption enabled on your VPN device/software? Which encryption algorithm is used?

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Which of the following do you increase reliability with software updates?

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Which of the following information security solutions begin to provide security on your network from the first time installed, regardless of software updates or vulnerabilities?

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Which of the following information is correct for hardware-based encryption devices?

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The belief that network security is provided with any hardware-based security device is quite common in the industry. What is the HSM?

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We know that the internet (external network) is full of malware. While carrying information from these insecure networks, there are technologies that can protect your internal network. Which of the following is the cybersecurity technology that serves this function and ensures that data is transmitted only in one direction?

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Are all these software and hardware-based security products mentioned in this test installed on your network? (firewall, antivirus, VPN, Data Diode, Crypto Device, Router, IPsec, HSM)

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