Refrigerated Smart Parcel Locker

In today’s world, rate of e-commerce use increases day by day. Especially in sectors such as food, health and cosmetic purchases made via e-commerce has become widespread. In these sectors, it is important to preserve products in refrigerated / heated environments.

With temperature-controlled smart parcel locker, advanced temperature control is provided to temperature sensitive goods in foods, health and cosmetic sectors.

In the food and beverage sector, it is easy to reach market products while preserving them is difficult. Thanks to temperature-controlled smart parcel lockers, it is possible to pick up the products without breaking the cold chain.

Technical Features

  • Mechanical and electronic resistance of modules with cooling units to outdoor conditions
  • Communication technology provides remote control of interior compartment temperature
  • Providing that food / pharmaceutical / cosmetic products in the compartment remain under temperature control
  • Prevention of ice formation via cooling system with antifreeze quality
  • Interior material is resistant to chemicals and liquids
  • Proper compartment cover and modular system design for energy efficiency
  • Cooling at different temperatures in order to preserve the goods in accordance with ideal temperature categories
  • Compartment cover is closed automatically
  • Residual management system prevents the effects of liquid waste of parcels to environment and health
  • Sensor system provides interior compartment cleaning
  • Special cover design for interior compartment heat insulation
  • Optimization and sensor system detects the temperature of products and provides desired temperature