Smart Weapon Tracking Locker

Smart Weapon Tracking Locker allows military and other security providers access to military equipment such as weapon, charger and according to the authorization level and provides secure storage. Thus, it provides weapon tracking management.


  • Storage of weapon etc.
  • It is used as a safety deposit for weapon and important items.
  • It is used for the safekeeping of secret documents
  • It is used for authorization-based weapon delivery
  • Design and configurations can be changed according to the size and importance of ammunition and needs of customers.
  • Different access systems with different authorization levels are provided to people.
  • Time restriction is defined for weapon delivery.
  • Security control is provided with object detection in a compartment.
  • Compartments can be adjusted to different temperatures.
  • The device can be monitored with 24/7 camera and recording system,
  • It is resistant to external impacts, interventions, and Vandalism.