About Us

Rovenma is a dynamic and innovative technology company that produces smart and solid high technologies with high added value.

In Ankara Hacettepe Teknokent R&D office, in a 1000m2 area with  60 people of R&D and administrative team and in 3000m2 factory in Kahramankazan town with 40 people of production, installation and maintenance teams, Rovenma is a firm adopts value-added production.

Rovenma develops all electronic, software and industrial/mechanic designs and R&D of its products in-house and it produces all these disciplines as system engineering.

Our Capabilities


Located in one of the most important R&D locations of Turkey, Hacettepe Teknokent, we can cooperate with various R&D companies. Our experienced R&D team has the following technical capabilities;

  • High Speed PCB Design
  • Embedded Software Design
  • FPGA/ASIC Digital Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Server Software Development
  • PC Software Development
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Industiral Design
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics
  • Cloud-Based Big Data
  • 3D Design
  • Technical Consulting


Addition to our R&D capabilities, in our factory located in Kazan industrial zone of Ankara, we are able to carry our production in-house by our experienced team and high tech manufacturing equipment. Together with our partners, we can carry out the following processes;

  • PCB Production
  • Electronic PCB Assembly
  • Cable Harness Production
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Metal Injection
  • Plastic Injection
  • Moulding
  • Sheet Metal Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Bending
  • Precision Machining
  • Machining
  • 3D Printing
  • Industial Painting
  • Coating


ROVENMA, where the experience of Robotics and Industrial Machines gathered, has been working to develop high technologies in multidisciplinary fields since its establishment, 2016.

Robotic Systems
Unmanned and Intelligent Systems
Electric Vehicle Technologies


Projects including R & D, production and installations were carried out for IoT Systems.

2016 Smart Parcel Locker : Kargomat 24/7 Project

The domestic Kargomat 7/24 device with high added value and technology was introduced to the smart parcel locker industry, which was offered as the last mile solution to the logistics sector. All electronic, software and mechanical developments in Kargomat 7/24, which are designed with PTT Inc., are within the scope of R & D activities of our interdisciplinary team.

2017 Network Security Equipments: Kindi Project

Confidentiality, accuracy and integrity may be compromised during data transfer. In line with these principles, our team started R & D studies to develop Kindi Hardware Network Security Equipment to provide the most reliable data transfer.

2017 Kargomat 24/7 Project

“R4 Model RovLocker”, which has been developed by our team in all electronic, software and mechanical structures, has started to serve in Ankara and Istanbul in the scope of Kargomat 24/7 project with 100 units.

2018 Temperature-Controlled Smart Parcel Locker : Markomat Project

It was aimed to control the heat safety of the products in food, health and cosmetic sectors with the smart parcel locker, Markomat, with heat control. In this direction, preliminary research and design studies were started.

2018 September: Kindi Project

  • PoC has been successfully completed and the productions are continuing with 18 Giga throughput.
  • EAL4 + certification processes have started.

2018 October: Kargomat 24/7 Project

In terms of quality, performance and design, our R5 model, which exceeds world standards, was launched at Post Expo’18 Hamburg.

Providing better performance and safety thanks to new features we developed, R5 has become PTT(Turkish Post)’s preferred model in the growing last mile logistics solutions market.

2019 March : RovSAT Project

Our team, which has the skills and experience of digital design technologies, which is one of the basic building blocks of hardware cryptology, started the R & D studies of SATCOM project which has domestic and high bandwidth features.

2019 May: Kindi Product Family Launch

The Kindi product family, which we launched at IDEF19, found above the expected interest and demand.

2019 November: Kargomat 24/7 Project

400 “Kargomat 24/7” began providing service in Turkey.
Ankara – Istanbul – Izmir – Antalya – Bursa

2019 November: Kindi Data Diode Project

The Data Diode Project was launched due to the enrichment of the Kindi product family according to the needs and demands, as well as the R & D team already possessing the competence level.