Kindi RovCom Video Conference Device

With the development of instant communication technologies, point-to-point communication has increased many times over. Thanks to online instant communication, it is ensured that companies/organizations can maintain their business continuity without having to be in a single common location.

Video conferencing improves productivity, saves time, reduces travel costs, and supports collaboration in general. Using an integrated video conferencing solution with screen sharing support enables quick and easy setup of a global instant communication network.

During communication with Video conferences over an unprotected network; Security vulnerabilities arise through equipment open to the Internet (computers, cameras, microphones, etc.). RovCom Encrypted Video Conference Device from the Kindi product family is a solution to these security vulnerabilities.

Kindi RovCom is an all in one video conferencing device with hardware encryption device features.

Encrypts all bi-directional data traffic:

• Video speech data
• E-mail
• File sharing
• Text message


FPGA Based Encryption

There are many subsystems on the basis of our hardware encryptors. We have developed, tested, and used all these subsystems in real-time environments for more than 10 years.

One of these subsystems where encryption algorithms work is the FPGA system. We produced and developed all of our chip-based encryption with our “Numerical designs” which makes our product 100% hardware. It is much safer, faster and more efficient than all software and CPU based technologies.

Power of Hardware

• Maximum delay <2µS
• Does not affect network bandwidth
• Unbreakable Security
• High Performance

Different Infrastructures and Topologies

• Connection with Ethernet / WiFi *
• End-to-End AES 256 Bit Encryption
• Encrypted Communication Between Multiple Points



RovCom is an integrated device that only finds a crypto card. There is no video conference application on it. It becomes ready to use with WebRTC-based integrated software specially developed or ready for the institution.

Meeting elements such as e-mail, file sharing and messaging applications can also be used with the same level of security.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its portable feature, it is suitable for use in any location. Designed with the principle of plug&play, RovCom enables companies/organizations to communicate securely online without being exposed to cyber threats, with secure end-to-end communication. Mobil usage could also be supported by 3G or battery options.


• 15" Display Screen
• Camera + Microphone + Speaker
• Max. 4Kg Weight
• Mobility with 3G and Battary Options

Kindi Technology

FPGA (Chip) based hardware encryption

Does not affect network bandwidth, nor the other equipment on the network.

Encryption in AES 256bit,
14 round, and GCM mode.

<2µS total latency.

Encryption performance up to 40Gbps

No software vulnerabilities as Zero-Day etc.