Kindi Ethernet Encryptors

Kindi Ethernet Encryptors provide endpoint security for data-in-motion at hardware level wherever data security is required.

Starting from 10Mbps, Kindi provides performance up to 40 Gbps speed at L2 Ethernet protocols.

Thanks to the digital design capabilities of our R & D team, all FPGA chip designs can be quickly and conveniently developed according to the needs of the infrastructure to be used. Kindi is designed to eliminate the security gap in data-in-motion in many sectors such as telecommunication, finance, informatics, healthcare, etc., especially in the public, security, and defense industries.

It supports different topologies such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or multi-point to multipoint. Ethernet, Metro, MPLS, SDH, R / L, and similar L2 networks are secured with real-time AES 256-bit encryption.

Kindi Ethernet Encryptors are crypto devices that is capable of encrypting and transferring data at line rates up to 10 Gbps between locations.

Over point to point and point to multipoint communication, Ethernet, Metro, MPLS, SDH and L2 networks can be secured with real-time AES 256-bit encryption.