High Performance Computing (HPC) Equipment


Karaji name comes from AI-Karaji,10.Century Muslim mathematician and engineer. AI-Karaji created a binomial coefficients table to simplify calculations.

As ROVENMA, basing ourselves on the same philosophy, we carry out activities in numerical analysis with parallel calculators to solve problems faster. Calculation machines that are suitable for 19” racks are developed by our team. The HPC machines are able to divide algorithms written in languages such as C, C++, C# and Java and this way speeds them up by a factor of 10-50X. Exceptional computational performance can be reached using innovative numerical analysis methods. Hard to solve big data, image processing, facial recognition and financial calculation problems can be easily solved using our HPC machines.

Application Areas:

• High-speed image or audio processing

• High-speed face and object recognition

• Explosion, nuclear attack or similar physics simulations