PTT Kargomat 24/7 Project

PTT Kargomat 24/7
  • The project idea came from various problems that experienced in last-mile delivery system. The main problem experienced in last-mile delivery is the absence of the customer at the target location. In addition to this, various last-mile delivery problems such as:

    • incorrect customer delivery information
    • payment problems
    • non-existing addresses
    • multiple tenants at an address (company locations)
    • delivery to the incorrect customer

    By integrating smart parcels lockers to the last-mile postal services, solutions to all of these problems are provided to customers. In addition to this, because of re-delivery prevention, energy efficiency of postal delivery processes is increased.
  • The recipients can reach their parcels 24/7 without needing to wait at their address.
  • The recipients have a chance to receive their parcels quickly and safely.
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