Human Resources

Corporate Values and Mission

Rovenma sets out with the idea that the most important source is human. It allows you to gain experience in a creative and success-oriented work environment that produces new ideas and projects with R & D dynamics. Our mission is to develop world-class, user-friendly, distinctive products and technologies with our dynamic team with R & D, design and innovation capabilities. Achieving the right labor force in our projects and ensuring the continuity of the existing labor force is one of our main objectives. In this direction, maintaining job satisfaction, appreciation system, contributing to the continuous development of our colleagues are part of our HR policy. Our strong communication capability that we have established through teamwork and cooperation has an important place in our entire team. The hobby and rest room within the company provides a comfortable working area that will increase the motivation of our colleagues also we enrich our working life with various seminars, fairs and events.

Human Resources Practices

Our corporate processes as Human Resources; Selection and Placement, Career Management, Performance and Feedback Meetings, Wage and Benefits Management, Organizational and Personal Development, Training Activities, Social Activities and Organization studies.


The candidates who have training, competence and work experience to meet the needs of Rovenma's corporate culture and to meet the needs of open positions are first evaluated by the Human Resources department. In our recruitment process; the applications we receive through the corporate portals such as, Linkedin Reqruiter and announcements in official website; are evaluated according to the combination between the position requirements and the candidates’ competence and experience. Positive candidates are invited to our company for the first meeting with HR. In order to accelerate our processes for the candidates who are in the city and / or abroad, our interview process is also carried out online. Candidates who are referred to the interview process are evaluated according to criteria such as general profile, technical competencies, English language and reference control and if positive, they are directed to the technical team for the second interview. The candidates included in the pool of candidates are re-evaluated and listed in a short list and shared with the management in the related technical team. The job offer is sent to the most suitable candidate who is positively evaluated for the position by Human Resources and management team. If positive, the process is continued with recruitment.

Internship Process

Based on the needs of business families in our company, applications of students who have academic education in Computer Engineering, Electrical Electronics, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design departments are considered. Rovenma also offers part-time job opportunities to potential prospective engineers wishing to pursue a career in this field. In line with the needs and demands of our technical and administrative teams, our internship quota is determined and organized by Human Resources in winter (December-February) and summer (May-August). For internship applications, please send your application to “ ”.

Organizational Development and Training

Various training programs and activities within and outside the company as well as practices supporting professional and personal development are monitored and organized by the Human Resources and Management staff.

Employee Profile and Competencies

Our head office in Hacettepe Teknokent consists of R & D and administrative team with technical competencies in the fields of Electronics, Mechanics, Industrial Design and Automation, Robotic Systems, Software Engineering. Our production factory in Kahramankazan is composed of our production and administrative team that produces industrial products.


To join the Rovenma family, you can review the postings in the “Open Positions” section at the end of this page and apply through Our Human Resources department will always assist you with your questions.

Open Positions
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