Smart Ammunition Lockers

    Smart Ammunition Lockers, military and other security providers weapons, pistols, magazine, detonator and so on. It is a smart vending cabinet specially designed for safe storage of ammunition and access with limited authorization.

  • Storage of ammunition or weapons
  • Weapons and important goods safety in entrances requiring security
  • Secret document storage
  • Used for authorization-based ammunition delivery purposes.
  • Depending on the size and importance of military equipment, designs and configurations may vary according to need and customer-specific design can be made.

  • People are provided with different access systems with different authorization levels.
  • The time limit for ammunition delivery can be defined.
  • Foreign body detection in the chamber ensures safety control.
  • There are chambers that can be adjusted to different temperatures.
  • 7/24 camera and recording system can be followed.
  • Resistant to external impact, interference and all kinds of Vandalism.

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